Opening Hours

08.00 - 17.00

It is Mitora’s intention to create a company that cares for the heart, literally as well as figuratively.  The main objective is to provide and promote wellness to the growing baby boomers, those who are ages 55 and over, by creating and combining opportunity of increased knowledge for healthier and longer living, and by empowering participants to fulfill their goals and dreams with the proper values and the power to choose how they wish to live as they age.

Mitora offers travelers from Indonesia, China as well as Vietnam, a comprehensive wellness tourism package to the Niigata prefecture of Japan including:

  • Travel, visa and hotel arrangements;
  • Medical check-up and follow-up care;
  • Health and wellness activities;
  • Nature and cultural tourism.

Travelers choose one of Mitora’s excursion dates, and Mitora will work with them to schedule the wellness services that they desire, along with their travel itinerary and hotel stay.

With Mitora’s wellness tourism to the prefecture of Niigata, individuals will receive medical checkups from highly-qualified doctors to evaluate their overall health, while enjoying first class treatment in one of the most sought-out destinations in Japan. If there are any concerns discovered, patients will be able to discuss further actions to be explored. With the partnership of a local hospital and award-winning physicians, thorough results and recommendations are given without delay.

Along with a medical checkup, individuals will be able to choose from multiple wellness activities such as hot springs, yoga, massage, dietary education and planning, and customized exercise routines. Mitora’s wellness tourism also includes opportunities to visit some of Japan’s beautiful cultural sites and attractions while focusing on wellness activities to improve or maintain health and quality of life. Mitora realizes that comprehensive health examinations become increasingly vital as individuals age.  With this in mind, Mitora has taken special care in meeting the unique needs of those ages 55 and above. Educational symposiums will be conducted throughout, to provide education, for members. Some of these symposiums will offer better understanding in nutritional benefits, meditation, exercising, and stretching.