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The majority of Indonesians are travelling to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Relatively few Indonesians are travelling to Japan, even though Japan is one of the top five destinations for wellness tourism in the world, and has the highest share of the wellness tourism market in Asia.

Japan has been a leader in advanced medical care and technology, with:

  • Advanced, cutting-edge treatments;
  • Very high standards of care.

Tourist-friendly service with excellent food and luxury accommodations Japan is a leader in robotic technologies and offers advanced robot-assisted surgeries.  It is also one of the top destinations in the world for oncology treatments.  Japan also has a long and rich tradition of natural wellness treatments centered around natural hot springs, or onsen. These Japanese baths have been used as healing centers for over 1000 years.

Japan has a reputation for the highest standards in professional medical care. Their culture encourages excellent service in all things, including welcoming tourists to their country. For Indonesians, Japan is already a highly desirable tourism destination. These factors elevate Japan as a desired destination for health and wellness travel.