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Mitora has always had as its core vision the goal to help improve human society. Now with increasing digitization it is imperative that we humans remain central actors. Traditionally, innovation driven by technology has been responsible for social development, but in the future, we need to reverse our way of thinking, focusing on how to build a society that makes us happy and provides a sense of worth.

At Mitora our aim is to focus on the realization of a truly smart society—a society where the various societal needs are finely differentiated and met by providing the necessary products and services in the required amounts to the people who need them when they need them, and in which all people can receive high-quality services to live a comfortable, vigorous life.

Contributing to the welfare of people will of course require a variety of approaches and we believe that Society 5.0 is that kind of broad concept. It is crucial that we involve a wide variety of actors that in the past may have only participated in non-visible ways. We want participation not only by experts, but the society as a whole, especially women and young people who play key roles in the future of Japan. We need to create the proper space for accommodating various bottom-up ideas, a place where people with a willingness to change society for the better can fully work towards accomplishing such an initiative, demonstrating a world with room for dreams.

In an era of such profound and rapid changes, with a society where people, things, and systems are connected in cyberspace, we need to have pioneering courage because these processes will ultimately bring new value to industry and society in ways not previously possible.

At Mitora we look forward to having a society that breaks down the existing sense of stagnation, a society whose members have a mutual respect for each other that transcends generations, and in which each and every person can lead an active and enjoyable life.

Warm Regards,
Andreas Thanos
Founder & CEO