Services Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Partnership with Mitora is not only at the corporate level, but also at the level of individual staff. Each person is unique, and they often need individualized care to reach their wellness goals. Mitora offers three levels of services to meet the needs of each person:

  • Exclusive access to our wellness clinic in Jakarta;
  • Opportunity for wellness retreats at our eco-resort in Malino;
  • International health and wellness services in Japan.

Our centrally located wellness clinic will provide a place for one-on-one consultation and care for those who need professional guidance on their route to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. At the clinic, any health and wellness issues can be assessed in more detail, and individuals will receive guidance about any further steps they should take in their wellness journey.

For example, in some cases a change of environment is necessary to relieve stress, change perspective and reboot with a health-friendly lifestyle. Our eco-resort in Malino provides the ideal environment for wellness retreats. Located on acres of lush tropical landscapes, the eco-resort is a sanctuary of wellness, away from the noise, pollution and stress of the urban lifestyle.

In other cases, recovering wellness requires medical care. Using our network of health professionals in Japan and our expertise in international travel, Mitora will organize the highest quality medical care in Japan, including visa, travel and accommodation, so that any necessary medical treatments can be obtained without the hassle of organizing an international trip. We can also provide retreat centers in Japan for a chance to relieve stress and recover before and after medical care.