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At the present date, medical tourism is flourishing and developing, and one of the destinations is Japan. We help the patients that seek help from medical tourism by arranging their itinerary for medical tourism including making arrangements for not only the medical trips of patients, but also looking after all their needs and sightseeing plan while waiting for their medical results.

With Mitora’s corporate services, you can grow a culture of wellness in your workplace. We believe in “health above all else” because you cannot be a good boss, teammate, friend, or spouse without first taking care of yourself. Mitora will facilitate the development of a wellness-first culture in the workplace through three types of activities:

  • Bi-weekly connection sessions;
  • Monthly wellness assessment and learning workshops;
  • Annual Wellness Day event.

Bi-weekly connection sessions are group meetings that take place every other Week featuring a healthy snack and teambuilding opportunities. These sessions create a space for staff to focus on the interpersonal aspect of their workplace relationships. One executive calls it “adult recess”, an investment that “pays back in spades” by creating opportunities for cross-team connections.

Monthly workshops are designed to more specifically assess the health and wellness issues of your staff. These workshops include a report from our wellness team on currently available wellness activities and resources. Participants will be given the opportunity to interact and to follow up on any particular wellness-related issues they may need more assistance with. Finally, Mitora also organizes an annual event to raise awareness of the importance of wellness. The Wellness Day features speakers and health-related activities. Employees are encouraged to reflect on the question, “How can I be well ?” This reflective time is essential, since wellness is not primarily about reacting to problems, but about organizing life in a way that allows the whole person to thrive.